Journalists, civil society and the international community report an increase in ‘hate speech’ in Kyrgyzstan. This has been particularly visible in the form of online harassment and abuse against journalists, however civil society representatives, lawyers and political candidates have also been targeted. In addition, legislation in Kyrgyzstan which makes reference to ‘hate speech’ does not uphold international freedom of expression standards and provides for disproportionate.

This website has been translated into Russian and Kyrgyz and adapted for Kyrgyzstan as part of ARTICLE 19’s #ChallengeHate campaign. The original text was developed through ARTICLE 19’s work in the Middle East and North Africa and therefore also has a translation into Arabic.

#ChallengeHate is ARTICLE 19’s campaign as part of the Media Dialogue project in Kyrgyzstan to raise awareness of the international standards relevant to ‘hate speech’ and how these can be used to identify and challenge ‘hate speech’ through positive measures.

Media Dialogue, funded by the European Union, is implemented by a consortium of five organisations led by the European Partnership for Democracy: ARTICLE 19Westminster Foundation for DemocracyMedia Policy Institute and the European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA).


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